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A sugar alcohol found in most plant material and extracted from birch wood.
Adds sweetness to the tablet.

Dicalcium Phosphate:
Commonly used as a food additive.
A polishing agent and assists in tablet binding.

Natural spearmint flavour.
Used for taste.

Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate:
A plant based foaming agent
Makes the tablet feel like regular toothpaste when used with water.

Sodium Bicarbonate:
A polishing agent.
Reduces the acidity in your mouth and mild cleaner.

A compound obtained from peppermint oil.
Gives that pop of freshness.

Silicon Dioxide:
Naturally derived from the earth’s crust and makes up 95% of the rocks on the planet.
Avoid clumping and  as a manufacturing lubricant.

Mentha Spicata Leaf Extract:
Natural spearmint leaf.
Adds subtle flavor and colour to the tablet.


*Fluoride Free

Change Toothpaste Tabs

  • More than 900 million Toothpaste tubes are entering our landfills and oceans every year on a global scale.  Toothpaste tubes take over 500 years to break down and are hard to recycle. Toothpaste tabs are a more sustainable option to oral care! 

    Vegan, gluten free, and flouride free, these tablets are the right next step towards a low waste home.

    • Pop a tablet in your mouth.
    • Chew all of your tablet’s fresh and flavourful goodness.
    • Brush with a wet toothbrush.
    • Rinse and repeat as part of your daily routine!

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