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About Us

Hello! We’re Brianne and Irania! Our Zero Waste journey began a few years ago and over the course of adopting new habits to help the environment, we noticed a gap of accessible zero waste products and services in the Durham Region. That’s how the idea of 360 Eco Market came to life.
We aim to make it easy for Durham residents to reduce their household waste and reliance on single use plastics by providing refillable and zero waste products for their homes.
We are super excited to share our knowledge with you and to offer solutions for zero waste living through our refillery.

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Why Zero waste

About 50%  of single use plastics in the home, come in the form of essential home and personal care products, such as laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. What if, instead of discarding and replacing your bottles when they’re empty,  there was a convenient way to refill them with a product of equal quality?


360 Eco Market makes it possible for Durham Region residents/communities to be part of the solution for Environment and Climate Change by reducing their household waste and reliance on single use plastics.  Located centrally in Durham Region (Oshawa), we provide refill/refillable options for you essential household products along with practical items to reduce single use items in your home.  Home Delivery is available throughout the Region.


360 Eco Market makes it easy for Durham Region residents to reduce their household waste and reliance on single use plastics by providing refillable and zero waste products

our values

Commitment to Zero Waste:   


Zero Waste living is not a trend. It is a commitment to healing our relationship with the earth, preserving the planet and disengaging from consumption patterns and corporations that are destroying the environment.  We strive to participate in and promote a circular economy.  We prefer used over new.  We encourage “bring your own container” and choose vendors with closed loop supply chains.  From packaging to product, our goal is to minimise waste in all areas of our business.


Intersectional Environmentalism:


Intersectional Environmentalism is the understanding that climate justice and racial justice are fundamentally connected.  We acknowledge that Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) communities have been stewards of the environment and at the forefront of the Environmental Justice Movement, long before it became popular. We also recognize environmental racism results in BIPOC communities being the first to experience the most severe consequences of environmental injustice and climate change, including oil spills, drought, floods, and forest fires.


360 Eco Market commits to carrying out fair and equitable business practises through the lens of intersectional environmentalism.  We will hold ourselves accountable by learning from, crediting and amplifying the work and successes of BIPOC environmental initiatives. We will create partnerships with and promote BIPOC owned zero waste businesses.




We will hold corporations and Governments accountable for ending practises that harm the earth and uphold environmental racism by participating in education, advocacy and activism.




We believe that zero waste living is for everyone! Our aim is to reduce barriers to zero waste living and make it convenient for people to have a positive impact on the environment. We will strive to keep our pricing affordable and provide a wide range of products for a diverse customer base. 




We believe that people want to protect the environment and prevent climate change.  We offer zero waste solutions for individuals and households that contribute to collective impact!

Meet The Team

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